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Our Story


Ours is a storybook romance… really. If storybook romances involve second marriages and blended
families—which, in our case it does! Let’s be real here, marriage is hard, kids are hard and life can be
hard, but together we create a life worth it.

We are different and our families are different, and together we complement each other perfectly. We
both have a love of the outdoors, nature, and travel. From the beginning we have loved picnics and
swimming, and doing things the non-traditional way. Casey brings the smiles and Rob the stories. 

Casey on Rob: "I love Rob’s thoughtfulness and ability to discern what someone wants or would like.  He is the most
thoughtful gift giver, and I love that he always tries to make me happy. I love his attention to detail and I
love how he loves me. He is creative, has great ideas, and is truly a good man. Rob can tackle anything,
big and small and is not intimidated by a large undertaking *as can be seen by marrying me! And he
always knows where to get the best food!"

Rob on Casey: "I love that Casey supports my crazy ideas and always tries to make them work. I’m so glad she puts up with me! I love her smile and her heart and I love making her laugh. I love that she’s not afraid to jump into any body of water, I actually fell in love with her one afternoon after a dip in the pond. I love how well-rounded she is and that there’s nothing she can’t do."

God brought us together and He has kept us together!

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