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Our Wedding Party

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Cormac- Cormac compliments others with sincerity, he notices the details and wants others to feel good. He is full of energy and love to give. He has a big smile and a positive attitude. He lives big, with big expression, and can take over the room with is personality, just like his dad! When Cormac sets his
mind to something he is all in, and he figures it out and works hard until he’s got it. He, like his dad, doesn’t sit still for long but you put on some music, and he’s focused! Since Cormac was a young boy, he has been able to hold an entire conversation with an adult. He makes friends easily with others and
shares constantly. Cormac is a 2 nd grader at Pebble Creek and he enjoys wrangler dancing, storytelling, balloon animal making, being outside, and playing with his friends.

Hana is so smart and will always keep you guessing. She can entertain you with a story or make you laugh with a joke. We love the way Hana is who she is in all situations. She is true to herself and has conviction. She has a kind heart and is thoughtful of others. Hana is creative and bright, and it shows in her room designing! She loves Christmas and her room was decorated before anyone thought of starting– and it looked amazing! Hana is currently in 7th grade at AMCMS and is a member of the dance team as well as the band. She plays the clarinet and is getting quite good. She enjoys reading, dancing and hanging out with her dance team.

Madison is thoughtful and caring. Whether you are her friend or family, she is thinking of others. All of us see her as a hard worker with perseverance—as can be seen by several of her accomplishments. Madison allows herself and others to create. She’s innovative and is a natural leader who directs otherswith confidence. We all love her willingness to share, and we love how kind she is and Coda enjoys painting Madison’s nails and playing one on one with her. She says yes to life and lives for succeeding and being involved. Currently Madison is a sophomore at AMCHS. She is a member of the Bengal Bellesdance team, student council and loves theater. This is a young woman going places.

Carly is driven, she’s quiet and smart, and she’s accepting and loving. She allows others to be who they are and loves them and yet makes her own decisions that suit her. She has a warmth to her that makes her seem older. We love her quiet strength and her ability to figure things out. Never will she let something defeat her. She is walking a life that is successful and worth praising. She has a great eye for décor and design, she knows what she wants and works to get it. She succeeded in high school with her college classes and her grades, she played tennis and was awarded many scholarships for her essays and GPA. She is a sophomore at Texas A&M and works in her spare time. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, records, reading and music.

Gavin, for his entire life, has loved music and it’s only fitting that he was named after one of Jason’s favorites, Gavin Rossdale. Gavin can be heard practicing the drums any time of day or night. He’s a bit of a piano prodigy – he can listen and then play it! Since he was young, he has had a strong personality, opinions and a particular sense of self that demands respect. He can make almost anything fun, and you can hear him laughing under his breath at something only he understands. He seems to love a bit of solitude and quiet. He and Carly have quite the bond, they are close in age and have a connection as strong as they come. Gavin plays drums in the band at Lamar University, it’s his passion, and his joy.

Ian comes from pure heart. His dad named him after Ian Astbury, lead singer of The Cult. Similar to his dad, he says what’s on his mind, he looks on the bright side and constantly has the most handsome smile. Ian doesn’t sit still for long! He has got to be moving and doing, yet his relaxed and chill demeanor comes out at the most perfect times. Ian enjoys learning new things and always has something up his sleeve. Ian gives the ‘best-ever’ hugs just like his dad! He works hard and is totally loyal. He has that stereotypical big brother vibe—he’s protective, he checks in with others and always puts others first. Ian lives in Houston with his lovely wife, Norma, and their German Shepherd, Lue, and works for the city. He is Casey’s oldest bonus kiddo.


Coda- We love Coda’s nurturing heart and her fiery spirit. She is a little spit fire and one tough cookie. Her name means the concluding passage of a piece or movement, forming the addition to the basic structure; the finale. She adds joy, smiles and life to our family and brings an element of lightheartedness that we all need. She has a determination that says ‘anything you can do I can do better.’ She’s expressive and confident at trying new things and she problem solves like someone much older. She loves catching lizards and pretty much anything else that moves, but it sometimes does not end well for the lizard! Everyone is her friend, and she has a great imagination. Coda is 4 years old, and we love her dearly.

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